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GPS Car tracking company provides the Best Vehicle Security and Real time Monitoring. We are the only vehicle tracking company in Nigeria to develop full hosted dedicated Online tracking software

Have you been looking for a way to protect your vehicles and properties absolutely? Now you are at the right place, we are Frontier gps car tracking company in Nigeria. Providing quality car tracking service to Lagosians. GPS car tracking Nigeria provides quality and secure car tracking across Nigeria. We have gathered over 10 years experience in fleet management tracking and asset tracking. Easily monitor your cars and containers right from the sea port to your Lagos office depot & you have no fear of theft. We have magnetic trackers that can stick firmly inside a 20ft container having a battery capacity of over 5 days to help you track your containers on realtime. We also provide partnership support to cargo and logistic companies which may wish to hire our magnetic trackers for agreed period of time. GPS Tracking Nigeria have a fully self hosted GPS Tracking server and software for vehicle tracking in Nigeria with real-time data.
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Best Vehicle Tracking Company in Nigeria

Track your vehicle's realtime location on map with your phone anytime anywhere. We provide quality vehicle tracking in Lagos.
We are NCC certified installers of Vehicles tracking system with MTN C-track, Tramigo trackers and other reputable car tracking devices in Nigeria. GPS Tracking Nigeria prides itself on dedicated solutions and personalized experience for our customers.

Car Tracking in Lagos

We have been providing vehicle tracking services to residents in Lagos for over 7 years now. We pride ourselves in the energy we put to deliver quality service. As we are not perfect we have strong after service support for all your needs. Uber Taxi services has been enjoying our affordable car tracking for many uber vehicles in Lagos. Install a car tracker in lagos today. We offer the Best Car Tracking across Nigeria.

How to Track a Car

We got a call that a car was snatched by 10:00pm and we recovered it by 12:30am the next day. This is our committment to service and we delivered. We provide quality vehicle tracking in Nigeria. With our CobraTrac trackers you are fully protected anywhere within Nigeria. Install a Quality vehicle tracker in Nigeria Today! We have professional Engineers installing vehicle trackers in Abuja

Vehicle Demobilizer

Most of our tracking packages comes with built-in vehicle demobilizer. This feature enables our customer to remotely shutdown there vehicle anywhere with just any phone with them. It uses SMS with a unique command given to each customer which can easily be sent to the tracker and the vehicle stops.

Best Car Tracking in Port Harcourt

GPS Car Tracking Company is leading car tracker company in Port Harcourt. We offer best competitive prices for gps car trackers in Nigeria. Our prices are best to none.

Fuel Tank Monitoring System

As a technology driven company, we have expertized our experience in fuel level monitoring solution, providing in-depth analysis to fuel consumption for fuel tankers and haulage tankers. With our fuel monitoring device, our clients can remotely monitor the level of fuel left within the tanks for decision making.

Locate, Monitor and Control your Vehicle anytime, anywhere in Nigeria with no extra hidden cost using SMS. Yearly Renewal for Fleet Management software

Our Vehicle Tracking System provides unparallel response and location monitoring. We have reached perfection in vehicle tracking technology. Be it a 16-wheel tyres Truck or just your pleasure ride, we got you covered. Locate, Monitor and Control your Vehicle anytime, anywhere with no extra hidden cost. 100% Free after installation.

About us

GPS Car Tracking Nigeria is one of the outstanding vehicle tracking & fleet management company across Nigeria. We have been providing quality telematic solutions for many companies and corporations.

We take every vehicle on the road important that is why we have provided various security solutions for cars in Nigeria. We stand out as the Best car tracking company in Nigeria with dedicated real-time tracking server.

Number of Cars Tracked

1241 Vehicles Secured

Vehicles Monitored on our server currently

1108 Cars Online

Skilled Manpower

15+ Engineers

Customer Support

98% response time

How to Track My Car with GPS Car Tracker in Nigeria

Step 1: Getting Vehicle Location

  1. Install a GPS tracking device from GPS Tracking Nigeria

  2. Dial your tracking number and open location with Google Maps

  3. Register your vehicle on our platform

  4. With your PC or Phone visit our vehicle tracking platform and Monitor on Real-time

Step 2:How to Track Vehicle on Real-time

  1. Install GPS Tracking software on PC and Mobile

  2. Visit

  3. Login to our tracking platform Username: demo Password: 123456

  4. Explore the rich features and sleek User Interface of our platform and test different Alert Settings

  5. Call our customer care on +234706-972-6281 for installation guideline


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  • SMS Based Tracking
  • Mini-Sized
  • Suitable for Tricycle/Bikes
  • Optional Real-time Tracking
  • Free firmware upgrade
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  • All features in Premium Plan
  • Customized Login for Large Corporations
  • Email/SMS Notification
  • User Priviledge Management
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Blog Posts

How GPS Car Tracking System Works in Nigeria

car tracking in Nigeria

How to track my car in Lagos

June 26, 2016 in security

Car tracking is a relatively new technology growing rapidly across Nigeria. Vehicle tracking system works basically with the use of a Global Positioning Satellite (GPS). which makes it possible locate any car anywhere in Nigeria irrespective of the distance.

Fuel Level Monitoring System in Nigeria

June 26, 2015 in Security

To monitor the contents in a tank a fuel sensor is used to measure the oil or liquid level and then the sensor transmits the captured readings into an electrical signal which can be interpreted by the software. There are many kinds of sensors that can be used for different products to measure tank level and inventory level. GPS Tracking Nigeria has the experience to select and supply the right sensor for the particular tank level monitoring application and has developed specific solutions for different inventory or products.

Fleet Management and Asset Tracking in Nigeria

Dec 12, 2016 in Fleet Management

Fleet Management and asset tracking in Nigeria? Monitor your company assets and container freights right from Sea port to your warehouse. Checking back, you find that your drivers and managers has also been steadily leeching company profits over the past two years and has now left you penniless because of diverted goods. He is tracked down and arrested by police but announces he has no money. What do you do? Believe him or start trying to track your assets? GPS Tracking Nigeria has provided reliable asset tracking solution in Lagos with robust fleet management features to control cost of vehicles maintainence and asset looting.

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