What is Asset Tracking in Nigeria

But what is asset tracking in Nigeria? Monitor your company assets and container freights right from Sea port to your warehouse. Checking back, you find that your drivers and managers has also been steadily leeching company profits over the past two years and has now left you penniless because of diverted goods. He is tracked down and arrested by police but announces he has no money. What do you do? Believe him or start trying to track your assets?

Missing container in lagos sea port? If you need help tracing assets that have been lost or stolen due to theft or robbery. GPS Car Tracking Company Nigeria has a team of trained asset tracking experts in Nigeria ready for your call. We provide asset tracking management in Lagos. We are the best Asset Tracking company in Nigeria providing our clients with cheap renting of our devices per day. With Just NGN500 you can track your container anywhere in Nigeria. Clients are often faced with fraud or theft of container freights by robbers along Lagos and assets are often lost in the process. Asset Tracking in Nigeria helps our logistic companies have details reports of each containers on its way till delivery. Our customers have a realtime tracking details of the vehicle loading containers at every point in time till delivery point. We have offices in Lagos Nigeria. In Port Harcourt we provide various oil companies asset tracking for their oil tankers and haulage.

How Asset Tracking Works in Nigeria

We provide various flexible asset tracking plans for our different customers based on wide range of needs and availability. We have full self hosted online tracking realtime tracking server which helps our clients track their containers individually at any point in time. Our customers can rent our tracking devices as low as NGN500/Day for short distance delivery or have a weekly plan for Lagos - Port Harourt Delivery. Contact an Asset Tracking Expert in Nigeria today on 07069726281

Our Prices

All our asset trackers are attached to any container with strong magnetic clips able to hold against shakes and squirks