GPS Car Tracking Features

Our Vehicle Tracking System provides unparallel response and location monitoring. We have reached perfection in vehicle tracking technology. Be it a 16-wheel tyres Truck or just your pleasure ride, we got you covered.
Locate, Monitor and Control your Vehicle anytime, anywhere with no extra hidden cost. 100% Free after installation.

Leading GPS Car Tracking Company in Nigeria for Fleet Management Tracking

Have you been looking for a way to protect your vehicles and properties absolutely? Now you are at the right place, we are Frontier company in vehicle tracking technology in Nigeria within and outside Lagos, Providing quality and secure car tracking system to our numerous customers and Uber clients. We have gathered over 8+ yrs plus experience in fleet management tracking and asset tracking, easily monitor your cargoes and containers right from the sea port to your Lagos office depot, you have no fear of diverting. We have magnetic trackers that can stick firmly inside a 20ft container having a battery capacity of over 5 days to help you track on realtime the location of your containers till delivery. We also provide partnership support to cargo and logistic companies which may wish to hire our magnetic trackers for agreed period of time. We have a fully self hosted GPS Tracking server and software for vehicle tracking in Nigeria

Best Vehicle Tracking Company in lagos 2017

Our physical presence has been felt over the major cities in Nigeria, providing car tracking in portharcourt, car tracking services in Abuja and have our professional engineers working steadily all round the clock. We understand very well the economic situation of the country, that is why we have partnered with industry manufacturers of GPS trackers to develop a tracking device very suitable and reliable for the West African market and Nigeria in particular. Our GPS tracking devices in lagos sell rapidly fast due to its cheap and most especially reliablity, we want an average Nigerian to feel secured. We have a vision of protecting over one-third of vehicles operating withing Nigerian borders on our platform and giving our customers the ability to have realtime tracking of vehicles in nigeria. Profit is not always our culture, putting a happy smile on our customers faces is our prime target. Now you can get Best vehicle tracking in Lagos at #35,000 and having the opportunity to track and monitor your vehicles on realtimeYou can contact us on 07069726281

Quality Car Tracker

Quality is our watchword, all gps car trackers of all models and types we install are all of high quality and water and high temperature resistance.

Engine Demobilization

You have the ability and option to track and Demobilize (STOP/RESUME) your vehicle engine wherever distance you are with just a short SMS command.

No Monthly Fees

We are trying to make the world a better connected free world. You have no worries on the expiry of your tracker. It's lifetime! and reliable and no hidden charges

GeoFence & Ignition Alert

Equipped with some of our trackers are Geofencing features which helps you secure your ride to a predefined district and also Alerts you when your key is stolen and your ignition is switched on

Why install a Tracker?

Due to High rate of theft of newer vehicles, getting your vehicle tracked is the best insurance you can get. it gives you absolute control!

4-Days Backup Battery

All our Trackers come with 1000mah lithum cell batteries that can give the device a standby power in the event of vehicle battery rundown or disconnection.

How Car Tracking in Nigeria Works

Our vehicle Trackers works on the basis on the GSM / GPRS network and GPS satellite positioning system, which set multiple functions of security, positioning, monitoring surveillance, emergency alarms and tracking in its entirety.It can track and monitor remote target by SMS or internet.
The GPS trackers has preinstalled sim cards from different service providers, this is the unique feature of our trackers, with this you can remotely have access to your vehicle even from outside the country (Distance is no limit).
The Commands to control your vehicle is very easy

Vehicle tracking in Nigeria utilizes various advanced communication protocols to give a pinpoint location of your car, you can easily get your vehicle location right from the comfort of your home. Monitor Uber drivers in Lagos with our car tracking fleet management solution. You can monitor all your fleet of cars with just a click, get speed alert, Geo-fence alert, Power-Off Alert and several notification alerts. Our asset tracking in Lagos is best to none. We are the only car tracking company in Nigeria to provide asset based tracking for cargo and logistic companies giving them opportunity to monitor whereabout their containers are and have an accident collision impact sensor when container crashes.

Our Prices

Our Car Trackers are just the best for you, all it requires is just a One Time fee (No yearly Payment)

Our Services

From Tracking your fleet right from when it leaves the garage to its stopping point, you have all the control over your vehicle and location of vehicle. We have span wide into providing more services for you; You can also Get the following from us

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We have reached beyond borders in delivering to expectations, partnering with world renowned companies and delivering the best service to our customers.

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